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The Company is in the business of trading of paper and paper products, providing advisory & consultancy services & real estate business; it does not have any manufacturing plants

Advisory & consultancy services

With a team of professionals from various field including financial, legal, marketing & real estate, the Company provides strategic and effective solutions to their clients in different fields like legal, financial, commercial, accountancy and all other related services.

Real estate Business

With Equity Investment & Inter Corporate Advances the company has entered into real estate industry. The Company has entered into real estate industry in collaboration with various partners with requisite experience and expertise. This has enabled the company to obtain projects that require resources beyond those that the company has individually, such as financial strength, technical expertise and local resources to expedite the projects.

Trading Activity

The Company operates in the business segment of trading of raw paper, paper products and packaging material etc. This sector is witnessing intense competition from numerous players in the country. The competition in the market place has also intensified as a result of low cost competition and opening up of the economy.