Dispute Resolution Mechanism

"Generating awareness on availability of Dispute Resolution Mechanism at Stock Exchanges

SEBI vide Circular no SEBI/HO/OIAE/2023/03391 dated January 27, 2023 has advised listed companies to issue the following intimation in order to enhance the awareness of investors about the availability of arbitration facility at Stock Exchanges for their dispute, if any, against listed companies / RTAs.

In compliance with the above circular of SEBI, we would like to inform as follows:

“If you have any dispute against our Company and/or our Registrars & Share Transfer Agent (RTA) on delay or default in processing your request, as per SEBI Circular dated 30.05.2022, you can file for Arbitration with Stock Exchange.

For more details, please see the web links of Stock Exchanges –

BSE – http://tiny.cc/m1/2vz

NSE – http://tiny.cc/s1/2vz